Turkey is situated at the crossroads of the Balkans, Caucasus, Middle East, and eastern Mediterranean. It is one of the larger countries in the region and its land area is greater than that of any European state. It has a population of around 86 million. It is a land of vast ethnic, linguistic and religious diversity lying partly in Asia and partly in Europe.
It has a Mediterranean climate with hot dry summers and mild winters. The hottest month of the year is July and the coolest is January. It is a country of historical significance, and most regions in the country are safe and tourist-friendly. No wonder then, it is visited by over 45 million tourists a year.

Almost 90% of its population speak Turkish, the country’s official language but English and Arabic are also spoken. The lira is its official currency.
It is a country of variable living standards, with some regions being more developed and prosperous than others although generally speaking Turkey is classified as an upper-middle-income country by the World Bank.

IVF in Turkey

Turkey has over 140 health centres offering assisted reproduction treatment and its high number of international airports means that access to any of the centres is not an issue. It has become a popular destination for those couples seeking high quality, low cost IVF treatment.
IVF treatment in Turkey is limited to married heterosexual couples who use their own sperm and eggs. No donor treatments are allowed although on a more positive note, Pre-implantation genetic diagnosis and preimplantation genetic screening are permitted. Egg freezing is allowed but only for cancer patients, those with diminished ovarian reserve or a history of premature ovarian failure.

There is no upper age limit for women fertility patients and each clinic is able to decide whether to offer treatment based on an evaluation of each patient.
Despite the restrictions on access to treatment, costs are amongst the lowest in Europe and consequently Turkey represents good value for money for married couples seeking treatment using their own sperm and eggs.

Prior to travelling to Turkey check to see if you require visa.

IFC is currently working closely with Istanbul IVF® in Turkey. To book your online consultation email [email protected].

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