IVF in Turkey – IFC is delighted to be working with Istanbul IVF® as its chosen treatment provider in Turkey.

Istanbul IVF® is a professional health care providing team committed to personalised and patient-centred fertility treatment in Istanbul, Turkey. The treatment is managed by the group of experienced specialists including the IVF expert obstetrician-gynecologist Surg. Dr. Deniz Usal, the molecular biologist Prof. Dr. Uygar Tazebay, and the embryologist Öykü Aşcı Tazebay, M.Sc, each with more than ten years of experience in fertility treatment and IVF procedures.

Using Joint Commission International-Accredited (JCI) select health care facilities of internationally-recognized hospitals at Istanbul-Europe or Istanbul-Asia, the team provides comprehensive fertility assessments and consultations, blood tests, ultrasounds and IVF & ICSI treatment with no wait times, and at competitive prices. At each step, procedures are carried out by our expert embriology team using the latest technology under close supervision of the Ob-gyn. Dr. Deniz Usal.

Before the beginning of the treatment a first Zoom meeting is arranged, bringing together online the interested couple with the Ob-Gyn. Surg. Dr. Deniz Usal. In this meeting session treatment options are discussed, and the team helps you understand how IVF works, what the risks are and whether it’s right for you. Then, the schedule of the treatment and the travel is established.

Istanbul IVF® is committed to supporting you throughout your journey and can help with any questions you might have. We are welcoming couples from all over the world, and our multi-lingual team of assistance is at the service of our guest couples during their entire time at Istanbul. Accordingly, your travel to Istanbul-Turkey, as well as concierge and accomodation services could also be provided by Istanbul IVF® with the priority to make your stay as stress-free and as enjoyable as possible in this interesting city.

As in Latin, “Ex oriente lux” (from the east, comes the light), and who knows, the beautiful sunlight of your life may also come from the East! Istanbul IVF® is the smart choice for affordable but top-quality IVF treatment by the leading experts in the historically interesting and naturally beautiful cosmopolitan city of Istanbul.

For more information about Istanbul IVF® and to book your appoint, contact [email protected]

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