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IVF abroad is becoming more popular with fertility patients. The International Fertility Company (IFC) was set up to help patients who want to travel for IVF. It was established by Andrew Coutts. He is one of the fertility industry’s best travelled individuals having visited and worked with over 200 clinics.

IVF Abroad

In 2020 IFC conducted the Fertility Tourism Survey , the largest piece of work of its kind. The survey identified a growing number of fertility patients who wanted to travel for IVF abroad. The work demonstrated the need for IFC to develop a service dedicated to IVF Abroad.

Led by Experience

Andrew previously managed the business arm of the Fertility Network UK, the largest patient support organisation. In this role he experienced first-hand the difficulties faced by fertility patients. These included finding the right clinic at home or abroad.  ​

Additionally, he has also worked for Arsenal Football Club, London Stock Exchange and Gillette. His qualifications include degrees in Law, Economics and Education. He is also PhD researcher at the Centre for Reproduction Research at De Montfort University in Leicester, U.K.

A Team Approch to Fertility

IFC has a team of patient co-ordinators based around the world which means that you access help wherever you live. IFC employs a team of fertility experts, many of whom have personal experience of fertility treatment.  The team offers support in legal issues, marketing, business development including recruitment, and patient support. Help is also provided for  coaching, complementary therapies and medication.

Fertility Concierge

IFC offers anyone considering IVF abroad a free initial non medical consultation about clinic choice. They can also offer bespoke, tailor made support packages for individuals and couples. This support includes identifying clinics, arranging medical consultations, and help with scans, bloods and medications.

IFC can help with all enquiries related to fertility treatment. This includes, Intrauterine insemination (IUI), In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF), egg and sperm donation as well as surrogacy.

This is what we do:

  • We work with patients to help identify appropriate fertility treatment providers and offer practical advice on fertility travel.
  • We arrange special discounts for treatments involving IVF with own eggs and sperm as well as those involving egg donors, embryo donation, sperm donation and access to leading fertility specialists.
  • We work with clinics, products and service providers to ensure that the information they provide to patients is accurate, transparent and clear.
  • We provide a forum for clinics, products and service providers to collaborate; to use their knowledge, experience and resources to maximise the opportunities for patients to achieve their goal of creating a family.
  • We provide a platform for individuals and couples by providing logistical help; signposting to support agencies which provide financial solutions, insurance products and after care support.
  • We provide independent referral clinic spaces which offer patients opportunities to undergo necessary tests and scans before travelling.
  • We also offer a dedicated personal consultation service for those seeking more information on fertility travel options and a bespoke concierge service in which we arrange inclusive fertility packages which cover clinic options, medical consultation, finance, insurance, travel and accommodation.

For more information on our bespoke services, contact [email protected]

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