IVF in Athens – We have teamed up with the Embio Medical Center as it represents the best Greece has to offer. The family run clinic offers outstanding success rates and affordable prices. Since 1996 it has helped to create over 30,000 healthy babies into the world across the globe.

IVF in Athens represents an ideal destination for treatments. It welcomes couples, single women as well as those women in same sex relationships. It has no waiting lists. Donors are anonymous and women up to age 54 can get treatment.

World Renowned Leadership

The clinic was founded by the renowned Obstetrician and Gynaecologist, Dr Thanos Paraschos. He was also part of the team that performed the world’s first preimplantation genetic diagnosis. Undertaken at Hammersmith Hospital, alongside Lord Professor Robert Winston in London.

The clinic’s success rates are amongst the best we have found in the world. Over the last decade its clinical pregnancy rate per embryo transfer for egg donation hasn’t dropped below 70%. Further, for the last three years it is drawing close to 80%.

Affordable and Flexible

Traditional IVF with own eggs starts at 3,000 euros and egg donation at 5,500 euros. IUI is also offered at 600 euros. In addition, all treatments are provided with payment options. IFC can negotiate enhanced treatment prices for some international patients.

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