Caroline and Ed from South Wales are the latest couple to begin their fertility journey with one of IFC’s partner clinics, the Embio Medical Center in Athens.

The couple, both 39, were chosen by the clinic to receive a complimentary treatment earlier this year and are now in the process of planning their visit to Athens in September.

We caught up with them recently to find out how things were going, and their mood was summed up perfectly by Ed who said, “it’s a little bewildering, it’s a mixture of anxiety and excitement, but the support we have had from the International Fertility Company and Embio has been excellent, and we feel completely prepared for what is to come”.

Like many other couples, Caroline and Ed’s journey was interrupted by the Covid Pandemic which caused some delay in identifying the potential issues which were affecting their ability to conceive. Caroline spoke about their experience,

“Our initial communication with our G.P. was via email and telephone which was not ideal, but it was necessary because of Covid. We were initially told, ‘not to worry about it’ but as time went on and nothing was happening we took the decision to move things along ourselves”.

The couple had started preliminary investigations when they saw the offer of free treatment provided by Embio and IFC. “We registered an interest and put it to one side”, Ed said, “But were then gobsmacked to get a call to say that we had been chosen – within days we were contacted by Konstantina at the clinic who outlined the process, the timetable and explained what we needed to do in terms of tests”.

One of the challenging aspects of travelling for treatment is sometimes identifying providers and booking in scans and tests. Fortunately, for Caroline and Ed this didn’t prove to be too difficult, “Finding someone to do the necessary scans and blood tests was relatively easy but we experienced a number of delays whist we waited for results which was frustrating”, said Caroline.  

All the necessary preparations, however, have now been undertaken and Caroline and Ed are looking forward to visiting Athens and the Embio Medical Center for their treatment in September, “whilst we are a little apprehensive we are confident that we will be given this possible opportunity for this to work” said Ed, “The clinic’s success rates are really good and patient feedback suggests that they receive a first class service from Dr Paraschos and his team. Whatever happens we cannot thank IFC and Embio enough for the support they have shown us to date, and we look forward to September and meeting the team at Embio”.    

Look out for an update on Caroline and Ed’s visit to Athens in September where we will share their experience of treatment at the Embio Medical Center.

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