The International Fertility Company (IFC) was set up over a decade ago and is one of the world’s leading bodies supporting patients who are considering travelling for assisted reproduction treatment. IFC has established a network of care navigators who offer patient support and advice to help individuals and couples choose the most appropriate destination to begin their fertility journey. IFC is delighted to introduce Ella Mannix, its Australian based care navigator.

I met my husband in my late 30s, a heartwarming story unfolded that’s uniquely ours. Our paths crossed in a digital realm, the start of a love story that’s both modern and timeless.

Life had its challenges for us, as my husband’s courageous past battle with cancer altered the course of our journey. The treatments that gave him a second chance at life also took away the possibility of biological parenthood. Yet, our determination to create a family remained unshaken, and we moved forward with a sperm donor and have a beautiful daughter.

Stepping into the realm of IVF, I found myself immersed in a world of complex information and differing opinions. Amidst the overwhelming swirl of facts and figures, I saw an opportunity. This led me to envision a space where information, hope, and support could come together. And so, the All About Fertility Expo was born—a place where individuals embarking on similar journeys could find a supportive community and a wealth of knowledge.

Through this path, unexpected doors opened, guiding me to a role where I can make a difference. As a director and non-executive board member of Access Australia, I now stand as an advocate for those navigating the challenges of fertility. My mission is simple: to offer a helping hand, a listening ear, and a voice of encouragement.

Every story is a tapestry of dreams, and while the threads may vary, the hope for a loving family unites us. Guiding couples through the complexities of their options has become my passion, a way to offer insights that might otherwise be missed.

Venturing into the world of international treatments can be intimidating, like embarking on a journey to uncharted lands. But you’re not alone—I’m here to offer guidance, a safe harbor for your concerns, and unwavering support. The International Fertility company provides services that extend beyond logistics; they’re a promise of reassurance and tailored assistance.

I invite you to reach out, to start a conversation about your aspirations and uncertainties. My commitment to your journey is steadfast, my empathy sincere. I’m listening.


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