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‘Fertility travel’ is not for everyone but for many, it is an option. Individuals and coulpes travel for many reasons as our Travel Survey shows. The International Fertility Company (IFC) has been set up to help individuals and couples identify and access all forms of assisted reproductive treatments including surrogacy programmes. The service is available to anyone, wherever they may live, and wherever they want to travel. Treatment is only one aspect of the fertility journey that is why we also share information on products and services designed to help.

We completely understand private assisted reproductive treatment can be expensive. Your choice of treatment, provider and destination requires careful consideration and this is why we work with a select number of fertility professionals who have been identified as being ‘good at what they do’. We visit all the clinics listed on this site regularly to ensure that they provide good patient centred care. Each is assessed from the patient’s perspective taking into account the quality and clarity of information available; the level of communication offered; support and complimentary services available such as counselling and after care services as well as past patient reviews.

We offer advice on all aspects of assisted reproductive treatments including sperm, embryo and egg donation programmes as well as surrogacy and fertility preservation procedures such as egg freezing. We can help identify the most appropriate country or provider to visit and help you with all the pre-travel tests and scans required to shorten your trip away from home.

Please click here to find out about our new Patient 2 Patient support, offering you the opportunity to speak directly to others who had travelled for fertility treatment.

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