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Andrew Coutts is regarded as one of the world’s leading experts on cross border reproduction or so-called ‘fertility tourism’. Working as a member of the Fertility Network UK team and latterly with the International Fertility Company Andrew has visited over 200 clinics over the last decade.

Andrew manages the ‘IVF Travels’ events  where he talks about his experiences of working with some of the best clinics in the world. Learn more about treatment options in different countries, donor availability, costs and success rates.

The events are open to individuals or couples and are free to attend. Booking is essential.

There are two sessions during the day events, each starting with a presentation and then visitors have an opportunity to have a one to one (non-medical) consultation with Andrew and meet with patients who have travelled for treatment.

When & Where

The next IVF Travels event will be aanounced shortly. If you would like more information, email [email protected]

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