Surrogacy in Argentina – We have teamed up with GS Consulting, an agency committed to making surrogacy and donation accessible for everyone worldwide. 

IFC works with leading treatment providers enabling patients and intended parents to access the best that there is to offer.

For those seeking surrogacy options in Argentina we work closely with G S Consulting who have extensive experience in helping intended parents from across the globe. They have the longest track record of surrogacy for English speakers in Argentina and have consistently demonstrated high quality patient and client centred care.

GS Consulting have their own in-house legal team and can co-ordinate all the necessary paperwork for international embryo and sperm shipping A range of specific surrogacy packages tailored to needs are offered which include,

  • A surrogate match within 3 to 4 months of embryo creation
  • Detailed support materials
  • Carrier genetic screening of selected egg donors
  • Up to two months of accommodation post birth
  • Airport transfers
  • Unlimited NICU insurance in case of early birth
  • Cost of C-section delivery if needed
  • Post-birth paediatrician visits

Why G S Consulting?

After a long period of due diligence IFC has chosen to work with G S Consulting as it has proved to be an ethically driven organisation which has an established track record gained across the globe. It is managed by an inspirational CEO who leads her own surrogate recruiting team; displays a commitment to client and patient centred care and offers a cost effective Guarantee Programme.

Wherever you live, you can access one of the surrogacy programmes offered by G S Consulting by contacting [email protected]. Drop us a line and we can talk you through your options in Argentina and introduce you to those who have already completed their path to parenthood through G S Consulting.


If you would like to find out more, or speak with G S Consulting, please complete and submit this contact form.

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