The flexible, end-to-end family-building solution

IFC is working in partnership with the Stork Club to help grow family friendly workplaces for the next generation of employess across the globe.  It offers personalised fertility and parental services designed to be as accessible and effective as possible for patients enabling them to continue to contribute postively in their role as employees.

Stork Club helps you fill in gaps and develop your family-building benefits strategy within one platform to include each person and their unique path. From fertility wellness to building a family, naturally or with help (IVF, surrogacy, adoption), through pregnancy, birth & postpartum recovery, newborn care and back to work.

Unique Family Building Solution

They do this by offering a full suite of family-building services all in one flexible platform. These can be configured to a programme that starts with the basics and scales to meet individual needs.

Stork Club are the only family benefits provider that offers support for ALL at every stage of their family building journey.


  • Overall reproductive wellness
  • Preconception
  • Conception: IVF, Surrogacy, Adoption, etc.
  • During pregnancy
  • Having a newborn
  • Returning back to work


Support is provided through their Online Platform that offers unlimited Digital Care and health care navigation with experienced Care Navigators.

Stork Club offers actual Medical Coverage which is provided through proprietary curated Centres of Excellence that have been built. This network of Centres and evidence-based coverage design show significantly better outcomes and reduce employers’ cost of care.

They also provide add-ons and integrated solutions to close the gaps of your existing solution or replace it altogether.

Diversity and Inclusivity

Stork Club is committed to hiring diverse Care Navigators who are trained to treat members with cultural sensitivity and have experience working with members from diverse racial and socio economic backgrounds. It is committed to the highest level of diversity and inclusion practices and has standard benchmarks for BIPOC and LGBTQI+ representation of the team.


IFC is currently assisting the Stork Club build its team – if you would like to join this exciting initiative contact, [email protected].

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