Louise Joy Brown


IFC is extremely pleased to announce a new partnership with Louise Joy Brown, the world’s first IVF baby, global IVF advocate and keynote speaker.


Louise was born on 25 July 1978 and given the middle name “Joy” by Patrick Steptoe, who successfully delivered her by Caesarean section. Her birth was the culmination of the determination and love of her parents Lesley and John and the skill of professionals Patrick Steptoe, Robert Edwards, and Jean Purdy. It was an event which would give hope to couples around the world who had been denied the gift of children.

Louise was the first of over 12 million babies born as a result of IVF treatment and fifty years later an estimated 2.5 million IVF cycles are performed every year, resulting in 500,000 births annually. She has become an inspiration to all those engaged in fertility treatment and those seeking to realise their dreams of parenthood. She travels the world, sharing her story and raising awareness of the continued progression made by science and medicine to fertility treatments.

It is our pleasure to welcome Louise Joy Brown to the IFC family and we look forward to assisting her in her work.

You can learn more about Louise, the background to her story and her work here (https://www.louisejoybrown.co.uk/about)


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