IVF in the Czech Republic – After a recent inspection visit IFC is extremely pleased to announce a partnership with IVF CUBE from Prague in the Czech Republic.

IVF CUBE was set up in 2011 and is regarded as one of the leading IVF Centres in the country. The centre has also become one of the most popular destinations for international fertility patients seeking high quality, competitive, and successful treatments.

The fertility clinic carries out over 1,100 cycles per year and boasts success rates which are comparable with anywhere in Europe – their cumulative success rate indicating an impressive 84%.

Well Equipped

The clinic is located a ten minute drive from the airport and an equal distance into the historical city centre. It is an extremely well appointed, modern facility with a substantial multi-purpose and andrology laboratory. The experienced team includes five Doctors, seven Embryologists, 11 Nurses and 12 IVF Co-ordinators, and offer emergency assistance to patients.

As you would expect from a modern fertility centre, IVF CUBE offers a full range of treatments which are packaged to suit individual needs and include guaranteed eggs and blastocysts, vitrification, and storage. In addition, specialist therapies include preimplantation genetic screening and Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP).

The specialist andrology laboratory ensures that male patients are offered a high level of support which includes tests which measure sperm fragmentation, oxidative stress levels and vitality.

PreImunological Treatment

Patient’s are also offered a preIMUNO+ package which is a unique complementary method to therapy with one’s own or donated eggs. The programme is aimed at patients with repeated failure of embryo implantation or patients with insufficient mucosal development before embryo transfer. You can find out more here.

Fertility treatment in the Czech Republic is regulated by the country’s Ministry of Health and a National Registry of Assisted Reproduction provides a regular independent inspection. Cube has no waiting lists, has a good availability of donors (700+ egg donors) and can treat women patients up until the age of 49.  IVF treatments are restricted to heterosexual couples who are not required to be married although same sex couples or single women cannot access treatment.

For more information or to book a free consultation or discuss payment terms, contact, [email protected]

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