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The UR Vistahermosa clinic  is one of the most advanced fertility units in Europe. It is IFC’s partner for anyone seeking IVF in Alicante. It was set up over 30 years ago and it is a leader in training, education and research. All of which have led the clinic to be regarded as a leader in innovation and quality.    

Why IVF in Alicante? It is the capital of the Costa Blanca. A sunset paradise with a climate which guarantees good weather throughout the whole year.  Accessible, welcoming and safe; it is no wonder why IVF in Alicante is so popular. 

Alicante is also home to the clinic’s International Department. The Group also works from additional sites in Spain as well as South America.  The clinic in Alicante is self-contained affording privacy and is equipped to cover any eventuality. Vistahermosa has an excellent track record in the treatment of;

* Embryo Implantation Failure

* Immunological Implantation Study

* Repeated miscarriages

* Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

* Low Ovarian Reserve

The  International Department will ensure your visit to the clinic is as stress free as possible. The multi-lingual team can assist with everything from your initial enquiry to your first visit. In addition, they can help with transport and accommodation enquiries and to ensure your leisure time is enjoyable as possible. 




IFC has visited the clinic in Alicante many times over the last decade and would recommend it. Communication with patients is first class and success rates match anything we have seen in Spain which attracts many international patients. 

The clinic offers an excellent donor matching service and a range of Guarantee and Refund Programmes.  If you are looking for a hospital based clinic in an accessible destination with international experience, Vistahermosa is the place for you!

Contact IFC if you would like more information about the clinic or would like to book one of the support packages offered to help you throughout your journey with the clinic.

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