Clinica Tambre has been at the forefront of fertility innovation and treatment for four decades and has gained a reputation as a leading destination for fertility patients. We have had a close relationship with Clinic Tambre for many years and visited the centre numerous times with couples seeking to complete their fertility journey.

The fertility clinic has an excellent reputation as a leader in its field and boasts many firsts – it was the first clinic in Spain to obtain the ISO 9001 quality standard; the first clinic to establish a dedicated reproductive immunology unit for couples with implantation failures or abortions caused by immunological causes; the first clinic to use the Time Lapse Geri system; the first clinic in Madrid to open its own sperm bank; the first in the region to use Fenomatch® technology, a biometric recognition system to match donors to recuipients and it is the only clinic in Madrid that has a Healthcare Ethics Committee, which promotes ethical practice.

You are in safe hands with Clinic Tambre.

The clinic’s success results are higher than the Spanish average and verified by the Spanish Fertility Association (SEF), and the independent entity BVQ. The clinical pregnancy rate by age is very good – for under 35’s it stands at 58%; 35 to 40 years (56%) and over 40 reads 34% with egg donation rates using donor sperm standing at 71% on the first cycle.

The International Department at the clinic is excellent with a multilingual staff team who are able to assist with everything from visit logistics to enquiries about medication availability. The clinic itself is nestled in a quiet, but central area of Madrid and waiting and communal areas are set out to afford privacy.

The Medical Team are young, knowledgeable and keen to use all available technologies and innovations to make your journey as comfortable as possible and regularly travel outside the clinic to offer free one to one personal consultations.

You can learn more about how we work with Clinica Tambre through the eyes of recent patients, Kirstie and Chris.

Contact us here to arrange a personal consultation with Clinic Tambre; receive details of latest offers and dates of patient events or gain a personal, independent insight into the clinic from one of our consultants.

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