While the world is healing we wanted to share this story of how the pandemic has temporarily divided one new family.

It is brought to you by Gaia Fertility, one of the partners of the International Fertility Company.

Intended parents A and C approached Gaia in 2018 with a burning desire to start their own family. As a married same sex couple they had previously considered a number of options which all turned out to be fruitless. Determined, the couple contacted Gaia and chose our same sex surrogacy programme which offered a pregnancy guarantee using sperm from both men and a single egg donor.

They were delighted to welcome their first born, a son in 2019 and the new parents returned home after four short weeks to begin family life. Keen on having a sibling for their son, the couple immediately began their second journey and received the fantastic news that baby number two, another boy was expected in April 2020!

It became evident some time ago that Covid-19 was making steady progress towards Cyprus where Gaia are based so the parents were advised to return to the island before any travel restrictions were put in place. As one dad is a key worker the decision was made that he would remain in the UK with their son whilst his partner travelled to Cyprus.

Gaia’s advice was well timed. The dad managed to get a seat on the last plane to the island before travel was halted but had to be quarantined for 2 weeks in order to secure the safety of those around him.

At Gaia we are always prepared to walk an extra mile to ensure we provide a service for our intended parents and surrogate mothers which is second to none. We had no hesitation therefore in opening up our own home to the dad to ensure that his quarantine period was as comfortable and stress free as possible.

During this period baby number two was born healthy at 37 weeks but due to the obvious restrictions he has not been able to receive a cuddle from either dad!

We arranged for a full-time nanny, who is also a paramedic, to care for the little one at her own home until he is able to join his parents and brother. We celebrated his arrival with a cake and online greetings from his dad’s and grandma which have subsequently become a daily occurrence!

We recognise the situation is not ideal and is perhaps one which is being experienced by intended parents across the world. We do have the technology and commitment however to ensure families remain together, albeit virtually in some cases and we look forward to a time when this particular family can be reunited at home!

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