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IFC is especially pleased to help prospective parents throughout their fertility journey. This includes helping them find the right clinic. In addition we help patients access competitively priced medication. We also help with pregnancy scans and blood testing requirements. So, following this, IFC is pleased to announce another partnership. This time with Future Baby 4D, based in Reading in the U.K. Future Baby helps patients and prospective parents. They offer access to pregnancy scans and blood tests before or after clinic visits.

Future Baby offer lots of packages. Especially designed to suit you at every stage of your fertility journey. They include,

Pelvic and fertility scans to address issues including irregular, erratic, painful or heavy periods; detect for Fibroids & Cysts, assess for Polycystic Ovaries (PCO), coil (IUD) position or for possible infections

Blood tests including, AMH, early gender testing and NIPT genetic testing

Early pregnancy scans (6 – 16 weeks) to address viability, any pain or bleeding symptoms

Well-being and dating scans, (from 7 weeks) to confirm gestational age and confirmation of an intrauterine pregnancy, visualisation of heartbeat, estimation of due date, scan photos

Baby well-being scans, (from 16 weeks) to confirm heartbeat, obtain measurements and weight of baby, 2D phots and view 4D scan

Additional scan packages from 16 weeks onwards include additional well-being, gender, growth and 4D scans. 

Quote ‘International Fertility Company’ when you book your appointment with Future Baby 4D to see if you are eligible for any discount.

For more information and to book scans and blood tests with a discount, visit,

If you would like to find out more, or speak with Future Baby, please complete and submit this contact form.

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