IFC is extremely pleased to act as a representative for Ovobank ID, the first and most long standing Egg Bank in Europe.

Ovobank ID is a donor egg bank with the mission to offer donor diversity and better access to frozen donor eggs for intended parents and fertility clinics, whilst reducing waiting lists for treatments.

Forming part of an international group of egg banks, brought to you by a highly experienced team of embryologists, doctors and cryobiology specialists, Ovobank ID works with over 350 fertility clinics and is able to transport oocytes around the globe.

We are assisting Ovobank to identify suitable collaborating clinics who will have access to oocytes from more than 150 different nationalities. Their strategic worldwide recruitment points mean that clinics and patients may choose known or unknown donors from a wide variety of phenotypes, ethnicities and backgrounds. Donor profiles can be viewed (after registering on their website) with a wealth of information such as medical history, likes, physical characteristics, genetic studies, photos of the donor (for non-anonymous donors) and a brief message from the donor herself.

A huge advantage to Ovobank ID is that they are a frozen donor egg bank and have hundreds of lots of donor oocytes already frozen in storage. As such, there is no waiting list if you choose from the bank of frozen eggs. Ovobank ID guarantees a specific number of mature oocytes for each recipient (depending on the order) with the highest possible percentage of survival.


Ovobank ID’s ethically treated donors are young women aged between 18 and 33 years old, in very good physical and psychological health. Every potential donor undergoes extensive gynaecological, psychological, serological and genetic tests, to ensure the safety and success of donor egg IVF treatments with Ovobank ID donor eggs.

Ovobank ID also go one step further, and offer support and training to their collaborating centres in the use of their vitrified donor eggs, so that clinics can get the best outcomes for their patients. They also have all the necessary paperwork in place for UK clinics to be able to obtain the import certificate for their donor gametes.

Wherever your clinic is based contact [email protected] to start the conversation. Becoming a collaborating centre will boost your ability to offer your patients the donor treatment they deserve.

If you would like to find out more, or speak with Ovobank, please complete and submit this contact form.

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