IFC is extremely pleased to act as a representative for Ovobank, the most long standing Egg Bank in Europe.

Ovobank has worked with over 350 fertility clinics and is able to transport oocytes around the globe, ensuring that patients have access to the specific eggs they require and clinics are able to provide a supply that matches demand.

We are assisting Ovobank to identify suitable collaborating clinics who will have access to oocytes from more than 150 different nationalities. Clinics and patients may choose known or unknown donors of all phenotypes.

There is no waiting list for the service. Ovobank guarantees a specific number of mature oocytes for each recipient which provide the highest possible percentage of survivalWe guarantee, for each recipient, a specified number of mature oocytes, providing a high percentage of survival, transfer and freezing of surplus embryos.

Ovobank’s donors are women aged between 18 and 30 who are in very good physical and psychological health. Each is subjected to an intensive series of gynaecological, psychological, serological and genetic tests. Only 30% of donor applicants end up being declared appropriate Ovobank donors. For this very reason Ovobank quite rightly are able to boast excellent success rates due to the viability of the oocytes it is able to share with collaborating centres.

Wherever your clinic is based contact [email protected] to start the conversation. Becoming a collaborating centre will boost your ability to offer your patients the donor treatment they deserve.

If you would like to find out more, or speak with Ovobank, please complete and submit this contact form.

Ovobank Contact Form

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