Nua for Women

A New Approach to Fertility Health that starts with the Gut

IFC is pleased to announce a new collaboration with Nua Fertility and their excellent new product, the unique,‘Nua for Women’, which combines vitamins, supplements and probiotics to promote gut and fertility health. Founded by CEO Deborah Brock, and based on her personal experience of infertility, the family run company offers a product which targets the missing link between microbiome and fertility health, focussing on overall wellbeing, nutrition and lifestyle.

Nua Women is suitable for women who are considering, planning or trying to conceive. It combines key fertility-supporting vitamins and minerals, including folate, selenium, zinc and Co- enzyme Q10, to optimise fertility, as well as a patented blend of good bacteria to help rebalance the gut and maximise the uptake of vitamins and minerals.

Nua Women promotes a healthy gut, vaginal health and fertility whilst simultaneously supporting nutrient synthesis, absorption, and reducing inflammation. It contains vitamins, minerals and good bacteria that support the regulation of hormones and antioxidants and zinc to protect egg and healthy ovulation.

Nua for Women is free from yeast, flavours, GMO’s, preservatives. It contains no added sugar and is suitable for vegetarians.


Cost RRP £49.95 / €54.95


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Email: [email protected]

Online: Natural Fertility Supplements | Nua Fertility

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