NatuVitro is new state of the art clinic which provides IVF in Barcelona. It offers treaments like egg donation for international patients at very competitive prices. 

The clinic is equipped with the most up-to-date technologies available which provide added value in terms of potential success rates and patient care. It is the first clinic in Europe that uses the latest Embryo Scope Flex incubator, revoluntionary technology designed to make the most efficient use of the clinic’s laboratory and facilitate embryo development. Natuvitro is also the first clinic in Europe to have a certified VOC free laboratory; this ensures that nothing harmful or toxic can negatively affect the laboratory’s air quality.


The clinic has appointed leading specialist in Gynaecology & Reproductive Medicine, Dr Iñaki Gonzalez, as its Medical Director. Dr Gonzalez has worked in fertility clinics and hospitals in France and Spain and has a specialist interest and knowledge in low ovarian reserve and response, endometriosis, and embryo implantation. Academic work and study details undertaken by Dr Gonzalez can be accessed here.

International Patients

NatuVitro provides IVF in Barcelona and welcomes patients from around the world. As a virtual clinic it offers an extensive range of consultative services online and an established network of medical, scientific and support workers in different countries. This offers patients the opportunity to access services such as blood tests, ultrasound scans, sperm tests, and sperm freezing close to home before having to physically attend the clinic. The clinic offers a complete package of treatments to couples and single women up until the age of 50 which includes IVF, IUI, egg and embryo donation, ROPA (shared motherhood), and fertility preservation. For those patients who opt for treatments involving a donor NatuVitro offers an extensive bank of donors representing diverse identities.

NatuVitro offers new generation approach to assisted reproduction treatments and IFC is proud to be associated with this facility which uses the most advanced technologies combined with experience to ensure patient centred care and success are its main goals.

For more information, to book a free consultation or discuss payment terms, contact, [email protected].

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