IVF Clinic Zlin is unique facility in the Czech Republic that provides complex system of care under one roof. This means that our medical professionals are within close reach should our clients need to contact us. Our clients can wait for their scheduled procedures, examinations and consultations in the comfort and privacy of their hotel room rather than waiting at the clinic´s reception. The clinic area is situated in a quiet location near the forest.

Stress-free treatment – everything under one roof

The clinic was founded by Dr. David Rumpik – former student of Prof. Ladislav Pilka – one of the most well known specialists in Czech reproductive medicine and the head of team who in 1982 performed first successful IVF resulting in live birth in the Czech Republic.

IVF treatment

We offer a full range of services including egg and sperm donation, fertility tests and complete gynaecology care. We use the most advanced techniques available in assisted reproduction and state-of-the-art equipment. We have on site modern laboratories.

Gamet donation is anonymous in the Czech Republic. Donor database contains a lot of fully screened donors (age between 18-34 years), who must meet all the legal criteria and requirements as laid down by Czech law. Current legislation allows to treat couples, and women aged up to 49.

We offer competitive and transparent package treatment prices. At IVF Clinic Zlin you know what price you are paying with no extra hidden fees. IVF with own eggs is 1 990 Euro, IVF with donor eggs basic price is 4 690 Euro, IVF with donor eggs including 3 extra method (Fertile or PICSI, EmbryoScope, EmbryoGlue) is 5100 Euro.

Thanks to the help of our clinic, hundreds of children around the world are born every year. The success rate of our clinic for eggs donation is 70-75% of clinical pregnancy.

The hotel Tomasov **** is conveniently located on the same floor as the operating theathre which means that after undergoing embryo transfer clients can be transfered directly to their hotel room.

The pharmacy clients can purchase all prescribed medications

The restaurant offers Czech cuisine as well as international dishes

Wellness offers refreshment and relaxation after a busy day

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