IVF in Latvia is provided by Clinic EGV which is the leading fertility clinic in the country. The first of its kind in Latvia was established over twenty years ago, it is based in Latvia’s capital, the magnificent and picturesque, Riga which receives direct flights from most European capitals.

IVF in Latvia is rapidly becoming one of the most reliable and popular treatment destinations in Europe. With its transparent regulatory environment, high standards of treatment and competitive costs you can see why. English is spoken widely in clinics and the wide range of IVF procedures come with no upper age limit for either women or men. As with many other destinations, donors are offered anonymously.


“Our main role is to facilitate the joy of childbirth for those who – for various reasons – have not succeeded yet … We can fully meet their expectations.”

Head of Clinic EGV, Gynaecologist – Reproductologist Dr. Zane Vītiņa

EGV provides wide ranging support for both women and men including Latvia’s first dedicated andrology centre providing specialist help for male factor infertility.


Treatment costs are particularly competitive with an IVF cycle with own eggs starting at 2,200 euros and donor egg programmes at just over 6,000 euros.

In terms of success rates, the clinic states, ‘That up to 30 years of age, the effectivity of medical fertilization is 73% – one of the best indicators in Europe. 56% of our patients have a successful pregnancy after first-time in vitro fertilization’.

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