IFC is pleased to announce a partnership with ExSeed, manufacturers of the completely at home sperm test.


Feedback from male patients suggests one of the most challenging and stressful parts of their fertility journey revolves around providing a sperm sample. ExSeed’s home test kit enables men to take a reliable, clinic standard test in a relaxed environment.

The test measures sperm volume, motility, and concentration. Results can be downloaded onto your smartphone within minutes without you having to leave home. ExSeed also provide you with the option of a call with a medical specialist to discuss your results if required.

ExSeed enable you to measure and understanding sperm test results but also plan a routine which promotes and enhances sperm production with tips on healthy eating and lifestyle hacks.

Understanding your sperm health is the first step in taking control of your fertility health. A step which could shorten your time to treatment or even avoid it all together.

We at IFC, are pleased to be working closely with ExSeed to help men understand, appreciate and manage sperm health and look forward to sharing news, reviews and research on male fertility as the partnership develops.  

To help support you, we are pleased to announce a discount available to anyone purchasing a product from Exceed. Visit anyone of the links below and quote IFC10  for a 10% discount,




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