Fertility Tourism Survey 2020

The International Fertility Company, Fertility Network and Egg Donation Friends.com are pleased to launch this joint survey which looks at the reasons why anyone would consider travelling for fertility treatment.

We would be grateful if you could complete this survey and submit it before 31 May 2020.

Once you have completed the survey you will be directed to the free download, IVF Abroad – Patients Guide 2020, your authoritative Guide to fertility treatment and legislation across Europe.

Thank you for helping us shape the services we offer to those considering fertility travel.

Fertility Tourism Survey 2020

What age are you?


Where do you live?

What kind of fertility treatment(s) are you or your partner seeking?

What do you think is a reasonable price to pay for the treatment you have chosen?

How do you intend paying for your next treatment?

Have you or your partner ever had fertility treatment outside your country of residence?

Would you and your partner consider travelling abroad for fertility treatment?

What would influence your decision not to travel for fertility treatment?

If you were to travel for fertility treatment, what would be your main reasons for doing so? (tick as many answers as you wish)

Which countries would you consider going to for treatment? (tick as many countries as you wish)

What resources would you use to find out more about fertility treatment abroad? (tick as many as you wish)

Do you think there is enough information available for those seeking to travel abroad for treatment?

What extra help would be useful? (please tick as many options as you wish)

How would you research travel and accommodation options required?

What additional services would you like clinics abroad to offer? (tick as many answers as you wish)

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