South Africa is different. South Africa is beautiful. There is nothing ordinary about South Africa. You don’t just visit another country, you visit another culture, people, land and experience.

South Africa is beautiful and the things you experience here will change the way you see the world and the way you live your life.

IFC is pleased to partner with Fertility Solutions to bring you fantastic treatment options in some of the best clinics the country, and the continent, has to offer. All clinics have been visited and we are satisfied they represent the best examples of good practice, excellent treatment and very good success rates. All of which is provided at competitive rates.

We have a range of medical specialists who are able to provide all the treatments you would expect from leading clinics in all of the major cities in South Africa. Together with Fertility Solutions we can arrange for your pre travel tests and scans to be undertaken in your country of residence before you travel to South Africa and advise on travel and accommodation requirements.

Take a look at what South Africa has to offer:

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