A Strategy for Freedom

Andrew Coutts

Former fertility patient Natalie Silverman launched The Fertility Podcast in 2014 following successful treatment. Her passion for the audio platform was palpable and I remember her saying back then with complete confidence that fertility patients would find their voice through podcasts.

Six years on and I think we can safely say she was right. Podcasting has become an invaluable tool for self-expression. Fertility patients across the globe have launched their own podcasts, sharing negative, positive and often personal experiences of fertility to a growing audience eager to hear more. The fertility podcast has enabled infertility to step out of the shadows and we can’t get enough of them.

As a respected and experienced broadcaster and voiceover artist Natalie has been at the forefront of the podcast revolution with over 9000 hours of interviews with men and women, almost half a million downloads and listeners from over 100 countries being testimony to that.

The Fertility Podcast features patients, professionals and celebrities who share their honest take on subjects as diverse as miscarriage, fertility treatment within the LGBTQ community, restorative medicine and mental health. You can listen to the latest episode of The Fertility Podcast here.

Wanting to provide even more support to those experiencing fertility issues Natalie recently qualified as a Freedom Fertility Specialist and in her words is on a new mission, “to support the emotional wellbeing and mental health of anyone trying to conceive, by teaching them the tools of this formula, which is a combination of counselling, coaching and mindset tools”.

Over six sessions, with an IVF Enhancement session if needed, patients learn easy to use tools to help them cope with everyday stresses that can arise when trying to conceive. The aim of The Freedom Fertility Formula™ is that participants learn a self-care strategy enabling them to live their lives to the full whilst on their fertility journey rather than having their lives being placed on hold because of infertility.

You can listen to Natalie in conversation with Dany Griffiths, Founder of The Freedom Fertility Formula™ here or if you would like more specific information Natalie can be reached via [email protected]

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