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improving donor selection using objective criteria


It is estimated that 15 to 20% of couples worldwide will need to rely on assisted reproduction treatments to achieve a pregnancy. The reasons for this are numerous and sometimes complex but there is an undeniable fact: infertility is on the rise.

In most countries there is one treatment which appears to be requested by more and more patients. This treatment involves donor eggs, sperm, or both. In Spain where Fenomatch is based, donor treatment now accounts for 40% of all assisted reproduction procedures.

This is where Fenomatch’s journey began 4 years ago, in January 2019. The Founder of Fenomatch, Luis Arenaz, identified a number of gaps in patient care during the assisted reproduction journey and this was particularly apparent when it came to the donor selection. Based on personal experience, Luis knew first hand that according to Spanish law Spain donor selection had to be undertaken by the medical teams within each IVF clinic; with no input from the patient. Then, as now, Spain offers donors anonymity which means that any recipient will not be allowed to learn about any of the personal characteristics of the donor apart from those which relate to their phenotype; for instance, eye or hair colour. Any donor was traditionally offered and, accepted without any identifying information such as a photograph.

This process was far from ideal for the patient so Luis and his team set about identifying a process which would address this gap in donor selection as well as remaining within Spanish law. At that time, Luis was running a software development company with more than 18 years of experience in the field and he decided to use its experience and know-how to help patients. This was the beginning of what would become Fenomatch. The main goal of the company was established; to improve the donor selection process, both for the patient and the clinic.

Within a short period of time Fenomatch began to attract interest from patients and professionals; it revolutionised the way that recipients participated in the donor selection process. Whilst they were still not able to learn personal characteristics of any donor they were able to participate in choosing a donor that was physically similar to them through Fenomatch’s unique facial matching technology.

So, what is facial matching and how does it work?

Well, Fenomatch developed something called a Software as a Service (SaaS) which allows assisted reproduction centres, clinics and banks the ability to base donor selection on objective criteria. This criteria was founded on two principles. One which matched the facial characteristics of the patient to available donors and another which used an AI-based facial matching process between the patient and any pool of donors previously selected.

The facial matching AI algorithm developed by Fenomatch allows the user to visualize through a numerical score the level of facial resemblance between the patient and each donor of the pool of donors. The software does not choose the donor but provides the fertility professional with enhanced information which makes the matching process that much more efficient.

In four short years the tool that was inspired by Luis and his team has improved the donor selection process by decreasing the time it takes to match donor and recipient and has reduced the possibility of human error. Additionally, it has helped establish an internal protocol which aids the work of the professional charged with matching and offers a level of reassurance and confidence to the patient which in turn, improves their experience.

The Fenomatch brand and associated technology has become synonymous with facial matching and donor selection in assisted reproduction and is regarded worldwide, as a leader in the field. Fenomatch now represents a unique tool which has helped thousands of patients who rely on donor led treatments.

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