IVF in North Cyprus is offered by the family run Dunya IVF Fertility Clinic which has been offering IVF treatments including anonymous egg donor procedures since 2008. With liberal fertility laws.  good prices, and excellent success rates it is no surprise that North Cyprus is gaining a reputation as one of the most attractive destinations for IVF abroad in Europe. The Dunya Clinic, with its state of the art facility based in Kyrenia is perhaps the best example of what the island has to offer.

The clinic offers a full range of treatments including IVF/ICSI, egg donation, embryo and sperm donation. Success rates for egg donation treatments for all ages hovers around the 80% mark and IVF with own eggs ranges between 45% and 56% for patients aged between 20 and 40. The clinic will treat patients over the age of 50 is she is considered medically fit to undergo treatment.

Costs for IVF treatment are extremely competitive by European standards with IVF and ICSI starting around the 3,000 euros mark, egg donation treatment costing from 5,500 euros and embryo donation starting at 6,500 euros. The prices have meant that international patients are travelling to Dunya in ever larger numbers and from further afield including the United States and Australia.

The fertility clinic offers a full support service for international patients. Multi-lingual staff ensure communication is not a problem and help is provided with the logistics of getting to the clinic and accommodation.

IFC is pleased to collaborate with Dunya to offer free online consultations and discounted prices. Contact, [email protected] for details.

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