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The ‘At Home for Now’ initiative has been designed to cater for those patients who are interested in undergoing treatment at Clinica Tambre in Madrid but are waiting for travel restrictions to ease before doing so. During the winter months we offer you the opportunity to get to know the clinic, the professionals who you will meet there and interact with other couples who will be starting their journey to parenthood with Tambre in 2021.

We know the anxiety and frustration that many of you have felt during the Covid-19 pandemic – ‘At Home for Now’ offers a shared experience, a safe space to learn more about what help is available and most importantly allows you time to prepare.

Sign up and register your interest by completing the form belowto become part of a very special group of prospective parents and access the following support from January 2021 to the end of March 2021.

Membership of the At Home for Now initiative is free, it does not commit you to any treatment and you can access all the support via a private members section of the IFC website.

Membership benefits include;

  • Membership of a closed ‘At Home for Now’ Facebook page to chat with other couples looking forward to begin their fertility journey in 2021
  • Initial online consultation with a fertility specialist from Tambre
  • Discounted tests, scans and other treatments required, in the U.K.
  • Getting to know’ webinar presentations with key staff at Tambre who will explain what help and treatment is offered to patients, what to expect at the clinic and take a ‘virtual’ walk through the clinic
  • Getting to know’ webinar presentations with IFC colleagues covering areas such as,
    • Travelling for treatment: What to expect, talk to those that have travelled
    • Emotional and practical support before you begin your travel
    • Nutritional and wellness support
    • Webinar presentations on additional support,
    • Fertility Supplements
    • Financing Your Treatment
    • Donor treatment: ‘will the baby look like me?’
    • Nurse at Home: support available on your return home
  • 24/7 access to IFC/clinic staff
  • Referral and discounts available for UK based therapists (acupuncturists, reflexologists etc)
  • Face to face consultation with your Tambre fertility specialist in the UK
  • Help with booking travel and accommodation in Madrid
  • VIP airport runs to and from the clinic in Madrid
  • First hotel night and clinic visit free when you travel to Madrid
  • Access to a ‘Nurse at Home’ service on your return to the UK

Whilst we cannot travel right now, we can prepare. Use the winter period to become part of this unique club of prospective parents; share your journey together and access information and help in a safe, supportive environment.


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